Did you glance at last week’s post about Wellfitting but fail to click on the survey? At the bottom of today’s post you get another opportunity. Don’t procrastinate BECAUSE THE VERY LAST QUESTION GIVES YOU A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE BRA!!!! At midnight on Friday, we’re closing the survey and I’m assigning random numbers to the entries to choose a winner.

So far, 72% of the survey responders have heard of Comexim before. If you’re one of the 72%, you may have some of the same questions about Wellfitting that Leah had:

1. Why are the bras on Wellfitting’s site more expensive than the bras on the Comexim site?

2. How accurate is the size chart?

Here are the answers we received from Julia Szopa, one of Wellfitting’s two co-founders:

Re: prices

Our prices are higher, and many Comexim fans on Facebook have noticed that too. The reason for higher margins is that we have to cover additional costs that Comexim does not have, eg. costs of payments with credit cards and PayPal Express Checkout, costs of fully refundable returns (shipping included – a customer who didn’t find a well fitting bra just pays for the return to California, which is just a few dollars*) and the cost of storing returned items in the US.

To be completely transparent with you and your readers, our big dream is to build a community driven lingerie and clothing store for women of all shapes and sizes, where you would could just go, see which bras, swimsuits, dresses in what sizes fit women of a shape similar to yours, click “buy” and get it next day. That has always been our goal when developing balkonetka.pl, but we’d like to add the whole e-commerce side to this. Such a project obviously requires financing and we started by selling Comexim bras to bootstrap financially the project.

Re: size chart

From our communications with Anna [of Comexim] I know that she’s really started to put a lot of effort to keeping the bands tight and true to the chart size. So eg. if she says that band 60 fits well a ribcage from 58cm to 62cm, it really does expand to maybe 63. I actually just took a measurement tape to check it. On a Comexim 60H size, I wouldn’t be able to fasten it on my own body:) And also from my own experience, I have plenty of 32 band size bras from British brands (Freya, Curvy Kate, Panache), but in Comexim I actually find the 80 band size snug enough. With 70 I’m not even able to fasten the hooks.

I’m completely aware that the “overbust” part is more tricky to determine, due to the soft nature of breast tissue. One of our clients ordered a bra in 90D according to our size chart, with measurements taken in an old bra. When she put our 90D on, her overbust measurement turned out to be 1 inch bigger than before – she had to exchange for 90E. We treat the size chart as the starting point for bra fitting, and are happy to help with sizing advice to exchange for a better fitting size.

I have yet to order a bra from Poland, but now that I can ship a return to California, I’m much more likely to try Comexim. Also, even though I’m not a fan of padded bras, some of their styles are so gorgeous that I’m tempted to add one to my collection.

wellfitting up to N cup



*If this parenthetical confuses you, you’re not the only one. I’ll clarify once I hear back from Julia. I’m hoping it means that the $14.95 is refunded when you make a return, but I couldn’t find details on their website to confirm this. CONFIRMED by Julia! They’re going to make sure this information is included on their website.