Wellfitting is asking for help from the busty community: When they begin selling their Spring 2014 collection in February, which of the following should be included? Answer this survey to help them decide!

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wellfitting up to N cup

Here’s a little more information about the company, but you can expect more thorough coverage from Leah in a future post.

A little bit about our bras: they are all hand made by the Comexim company in Poland (which Leah has already covered on the blog:). The materials used come from Spain and Italy. They are all lightly padded, and give a plunge effect, perfect for a deeper cleavage. Sizing is based on the European sizing system and bands tend to run pretty tight – true to the size chart on our website. Since there’ve been quite many comments on Reddit and Bratabase about band sizing, Comexim has improved the band tightness, and some older reviews of Comexim bras on these sites have been taken into account by the manufacturer.