It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting two weeks to write this post, but I forced myself to keep things chronological, which meant Gorsenia and Ewa Michalak took priority. This week I review my new favorite bra brand, the Polish company Comexim.

I know I’ve said before that I “never want to buy another brand again” after discovering a new one, but I think this time I might actually mean it. Since receiving these two bras, I’ve selected some almost-new ones to cull from my collection and have sworn off buying any more British brands except the occasional Freya, just so I can justify getting more Comexim offerings.

Before I get to all the gushing, let me lay out how the ordering process went. It all started when I discovered Comexim’s beautiful bras and decided I needed the Paradise and Magic Blue. But I was really confused by the size chart. Other reviews online indicated that the bands fit true-to-size, so I just needed to figure out my cup size, since Comexim uses EU sizes.

The problem was, I knew I wanted the Paradise in 60 (28) and Magic Blue in 65 (30) since reviews said it ran a whole size small in the band. Yet when I compared my bust measurement to the company’s size chart, 60 band came up with K and 65 with HH. Those are not sister sizes! I next polled other busty ladies in an online forum, and one of them provided a chart comparing Comexim cups to UK ones (provided below). It indicated that I would need 65HH and 60J. Then I reached out to Comexim to confirm…

February 14: I used Google translate to send Comexim a message through their “contact us” form explaining the problem. Later that day, I received a response from Anna that said if I want 65HH, I should go for 60J as sister size. I’m not totally sure she understood my dilemma, but I decided to just go with that and hope for the best, since it matched up with the chart my fellow forum-goer had provided. Anna also asked what country I live in so she could get me a shipping quote and further asked if I would want the gore lowered or raised (more on this later). I responded by listing the two bras I wanted, the sizes I wanted, turning down the gore alteration, and asking for shipping price to the US.

February 15: Anna responded and said that shipping would be 20 Polish zlotys (zl) for registered letter or 81zl for “shipment package” (I assume this is a phrase that wasn’t translated correctly).

February 17: I asked if the registered letter could be tracked, and said I preferred the cheaper option even if it’s much slower.

February 21: I hadn’t heard anything yet, so I sent another email saying I was waiting for order confirmation, and included my order (the two bras with sizes and the 20zl shipping option).

February 22: I received an order confirmation email listing the total cost (275zl, or $89.30), directing me to send payment via PayPal, and asking for my shipping address. I sent payment and wrote the two bras with sizes in the message field in PayPal. Then I sent an email to Comexim with my PayPal transaction number.

March 4: I received an email from Anna noting that my order had shipped. It did include a tracking number. She also asked me to let them know when it arrived.

March 22: My package arrived.

Overall, the language barrier was only a minor inconvenience and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask them more complicated questions about fit or other issues. As for that “lower or raised gore” thing, most of Comexim’s bras are a moderate plunge. If you prefer a deep plunge or more of a balconnet shape, they will alter the gore up to one centimeter (maybe more? You’d have to ask). Use Google Translate to send them an email explaining what you want.

When the bras arrived, I was nervous that they wouldn’t fit but excited because they were so gorgeous! The colors are just as vivid in real life as in the photos online. As for fit, I felt exceedingly lucky because it was spot on. It’s definitely the right size.

Magic Blue

The edge of the cups is a tiny bit loose, but I think this is due to the fact that I’m only moderately full on top (very full-on-top ladies take note!). Otherwise I fill out the volume just right. Going down a letter would definitely make it too small. The Paradise 60 band is true to size and, as suggested, the Magic Blue 65 feels a size tight, so it’s good. However, the 65HH feels a tiny bit bigger in the cup than the 60J even though they’re sister sizes. I still think the volume is right, but the edge of the cup is noticeably looser than the 60J. I’m planning on putting a little centimeter-long dart in the cup edge close to the gore to make it flush with my body.

The shape is extremely round and placed quite high, just the way I like it. It gives impressive cleavage without squishing my boobs together into a Y. As with other Polish brands I’ve tried, the cups are very deep and the wires very, very narrow—which of course is what I need. The cups are tall enough that I feel comfortably contained. There’s actually a lot of fabric overall for a plunge bra, so a deep neckline that’s also wide wouldn’t really work with these bras. In fact, a little bit of the Magic Blue peeks out of my Urkye Kieska dress on my smaller boob side.

While the bras are certainly plunges, the gore is high enough that I feel locked in place with no worries about falling out the center. The cups are a little low and open under my armpit, enough that I have a touch of sideboob even after doing the scoop and swoop. However, I’d prefer this itty-bitty amount of escaping tissue to cups that rub my armpits raw.

These bras look so good under clothing. The seams and light texture don’t show through clingy fabric at all and the shape is beyond flattering in everything I’ve worn them with. I’ve had to force myself not to wear them every day since they arrived. But I know I need to let the elastic rest between wears. I’ll definitely be placing another order very soon! I’ve got my eye on the leopard print Pantera, the black with pink pin dots Jennifer, and the black and white houndstooth with red trim Jacqueline. And with prices starting at under $40 per bra (120-125zl), I can actually afford it!

Here is that size chart, by the way:

B – A
C – B
D – C
E – D
F – DD
H – F
J – G
K – GG
L – H
M – HH
N – J