This was my first bra, except mine was beige.

When I was searching for a picture of it, I found this fun reflection on boobs by a mid-life blogger. When you read it, be sure to check out the comments for more stories that you may relate to. Also see  if you can relate to this first-bra memoir that won third prize in a writing contest, although hopefully none of you can relate to having a mother like hers.

CurvyHK tells us when underwires are likely to trigger the TSA alarms. While you’re on her blog, enjoy the story behind one of her most treasured compliments, and be sure to check out the emergency compliment resource she’s found for us (my favorites so far: “You think of the funniest names for wi-fi connections,” and “Your cousins refer to you as ‘the cool cousin.'”

Katie frequently contributes thoughtful comments to Hourglassy, but when I read her own blog I have NO IDEA how she finds the time. Recently she wrote about a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: planning a wardrobe for the early professional years. I like how she contemplates the cost factor for sewing her own things–this is a woman who leans in if I’ve ever met one–and other factors (such as how to add interest or how flattering, comfortable and professional trump trendy).

So far there are only two posts up on the new blog Wide Curves, but I like how the writer sets out her mail order methodology for finding bras in her size. It’s similar to what I do, but I never thought to formalize it. Despite all the negatives that she lists for this method, she’s been able to make some important sizing discoveries by using it, and my guess is she’ll be able to order fewer bras at a time going forward (unless it’s a new brand she hasn’t tried before or is a brand known for being inconsistent). Do you take the same approach as she does?

Imogen Lamport has another super helpful post about necklace scale and bust size.

If Leah’s review last Friday got you excited about Comexin, so will Linda’s guest review of unpadded Comexin bras over at Braless in Brasil.

Finally, I continue to do a lot of thinking about “Look at me” dressing, and a guest teenage writer has added another dimension to consider with her post on Already Pretty about Style and Privilege. If you read it, also be sure to read commenter Vildy’s perspective from across the river, and the writer’s follow-up comment. I also believe that there’s a lot that we women with large busts can relate to about N’s experience that has nothing to do with neighborhood.