The one item that has been missing from my wardrobe which I have a lot of use for is a nice black jacket to smarten up my dresses and jeans – the one thing that will go with pretty much everything in my closet. I’ve been trying on jackets all winter and finally I found one that was for keeps. It’s a Nine West suit separates jacket which is not even meant to be buttoned up, but it still has decent waist definition and isn’t baggy.

I would NEVER wear leggings as pants – I was wearing them with a long tunic as my “real” outfit on that day. My new Nine West suit separates jacket.
Front view of the Nine West jacket.

I got back to work this Monday after my week long winter holiday and already have worn it two days in a row with two different dresses. Such a delight to finally own a smart jacket, as all of us women need one! I do own a few Pepperberry ones but none of those is black, and basic black is what I needed because it’s the only color that will suit all my outfits. I believe it suits pretty much everyone’s outfits no matter what their favorite color.