Polish bra brands seem to really be getting better known outside of Poland lately. I reported on Corin in my CurvExpo coverage, have tried Ewa Michalak, and I’m currently waiting for an order to arrive from Comexim. Polish brands have the reputation of narrow wires and deep cups, which is what I need, so I’m eager to try more. (Miss Underpinnings has even traveled to Poland to learn more about these brands and is reporting on her trip on her blog.)

A month ago I was searching on eBay for 28G and 30FF just to see what was available besides my saved Freya and Cleo searches, and I found a brand I’d never heard of before called Gorsenia. There were two 30FF bras listed, both of which caught my eye:


I found the Gorsenia website and there were quite a few nice-looking bras. The “big bra” sizes generally run 65-100 (30-44) D-M. It uses Polish sizing (no double-letters), which translates to D-J in UK sizes. The 30FF I ordered is actually labeled 65I.

Gorsenia bras generally fall into the style of “a lot of bra,” meaning there’s a lot of coverage and the cup comes up quite high. However, I think the large amount of embroidery keeps them looking moderately delicate. The high cups can also be a boon to full-on-top boobs, since they tend not to cut into the breast tissue.

I thought the Andrea bra’s embroidery in particular was pretty cool. The silver thread is striking and the embroidery under the cups is rather unusual. Helpfully, the eBay seller had translated the Polish size into UK and American sizes in the item title, so it was easy to pick the one I wanted without needing to figure out the translation myself. Unfortunately, though, either the seller’s translation was incorrect or the cups run really big, because this bra did not fit at all.

The cups are perfectly round, just like the (airbrushed-looking) manufacturer photo. The band fits true to size, which is actually too bad since I really need a 28 band. The cups are definitely a full cup too big and the gore didn’t lay flat, though I suspect that’s a result of the band being too loose and not an issue with the bra’s overall shape. Check it out:

Even when I pushed the gore against my sternum, the embroidered section was all wrinkly and the smaller side (righty) still had shadows from the edge of the cup not sitting flush. The straps are also a bit wide for me and dig into my armpit a little, but once again going down a band would’ve helped with that.

It’s too bad, because I think the bra is gorgeous and it felt comfortable aside from being slightly too big in the band. It has three hooks, which is nice, and the color is beautiful. (My photo is more accurate than the manufacturer’s warm-toned picture.)

Since this bra definitely fits like a 30G, not 30FF, I’m going to create my own Gorsenia size chart here:

Gorsenia – UK

D – D
E – DD
F – E
G – F
H – FF
I – G
J – GG
K – H
L – HH