Modern technology has brought us the luxury of being able to work from home. For people who work in open office environments, it’s an especially welcome option when you need to really focus on details or just have a breather from the office noise.

One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up and just did not feel like driving to the hectic office as I was extremely stressed out at the time. So I checked my calendar and was relieved to see that I could just as well work from home that day. This inspired me to write a few words on how I approach home office style.

I treat these days as pajama days more or less. I don’t wear makeup or put on office clothes. However, I don’t want to cramp my style because I just feel better and more efficient when I look nice even if I am just sitting on the sofa working on my laptop all day.  This is my solution: Put on a bra (essential) and wear nice loungewear!

Nanso has a wide selection of lounging dresses (or pajama dresses if you wish to call them that). Here’s a little Finland fact: despite this being a very cold place during the winter, we tend to not to wear anything to bed, so these dresses are designed for relaxing at home. They are made of nice and thick cotton modal fabric so they are warm and not clingy at all. They’re also quite roomy so I don’t need to size up due to my bigger bosom.

Nanso night & leisure dress
My winter favorite and what I wore to write this post.
On of my favorite color combinations.
Usually I don’t like flowers, but I don’t mind them in a big bold pattern like this.

To be honest, some of these patterns and colors could possibly be worn as outside clothing with a belt and boots! Unfortunately, this brand is so well known here that everyone would recognize that you were wearing a strictly at-home garment outside.