Sweet dreams of you,
Every night, I go thru . . .

I’m singing this song and thinking about the search for nightwear. Not the playtime stuff, strictly for dreaming in today’s column.

The search for supportive nightwear has been a near bust. Yes, that store across the pond has a few (pricey) things. But if you are at or near the top of the Bravissimo/Pepperberry size range, they can be too snug or too bare, or both. I’m not asking for much. I’m not walking to the corner to buy a newspaper, but I would like a bit of support for walking to the kitchen to switch on the coffee pot. And I need something that keeps the ladies from flopping around separately when I roll over in bed. I haven’t yet found sleep bras in anything close to my size.

Enter, the corset. Well, a lace trimmed corset camisole, to be specific.

M. Rena Corset Cami

I found this at Lions Lair in Islamorada, Florida last month.

It’s stretchy, 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex, ribbed and seamless with gathers and gentle shaping providing support for lounging and sleeping. It’s quite long, and the hip length works for my long torso.  It is made in the USA.  This is nightshirt nirvana, or as close as I’ve come to it in ages. And it’s not just sleepwear, but also a great layering piece.  I picked up one in white, black and beige.

Sweet Dreams, indeed.

What kinds of supportive nightwear have you found?

P.S. Sweet Dreams is the name of the biopic about Patsy Cline, from whom I’ve chosen my nom de plume. I love her music, but there’s an exchange in the film that I think perfectly captures the essence of The Cline: “You want to be Kitty Wells, don’t you?” a record producer asks her. “Hell no,” Cline shoots back, “I want to be Hank Williams.”