Holly at The Full Figured Chest has pointed out that Kris Line still hasn’t made it big in the United States, but at least it’s beginning to make a dent in Winter Park, Florida. That’s where the importer, Santa LaBellman, has her brick and mortar store. When I shopped there again last November, I was also lucky enough to meet Santa in person.

When I first discovered Kris Line, I couldn’t wait for more of its loungewear to become available in the States. Bad news: that’s probably not going to happen. Kris Line loungewear hasn’t done well in Santa’s store because it’s more fitted than her customers like, which explains why I could only find a few pieces of it on her clearance rack.

Here’s the good news: Kris Line fashion bra styles are doing well! Santa stayed true to her strategy of slowly introducing her customers to the Kris Line basics. Now they’re loyal to the brand and want the pretty stuff. Happily, Santa provides. Eventually she hopes to have an ecommerce site for the rest of us.

I had just one item on my shopping list when I visited Santa’s store: the green Selena bra that Holly reviewed. It looked amazing on her, and I loved the color. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as good on me. What did look good was the Martina in 36HH because it gave me the high and rounded shape I like.

kris line martina with inset
The lace of my Martina actually has some of the “radiant orchid” embroidery that you see in the inset.

You already saw the great lift and cleavage this bra gives me back when I reviewed the Second Base demi-camis. Now here’s a profile comparison with my 36H Fantasie Jana. (It was so cold this weekend that I wore my clingy long underwear top and discovered it was perfect for demonstrating fit.)

big bust compare 36H Fantasie Jana 36HH Krisline Martina
Jana on the left. Martina on the right.

The difference is less dramatic from the front.

big bust compare front fantasie jana 36H krisline martina 36HH

I’m not a fan of padded bras–even spacer fabric if I can help it–but this bra works for me because the padding is on the bottom half. Do you think the padding is responsible for the industrial-strength lift? I’m sure the 3-part construction also helps, but the Jana is a 3-part bra as well. I also think the narrower underwires are a factor, as I describe below.

I loved being able to try as many sizes and styles as I wanted with minimal interruption. I also respect Santa’s fitting expertise because she noticed that the 34HH didn’t completely encapsulate my side breast tissue. However, after wearing the 36HH that she recommended, I realized that I would have preferred the 34HH because the ends of the 36 underwires come up too high and irritate me as the day wears on.  I don’t have this problem with the underwire ends of the Jana because they stretch well past the edge of my breasts and end pretty low as a result . . . probably another reason it doesn’t have the same amazing lift as the Martina.  (I also tried 34J and 36J Kris Lines in other enticing styles, but the base of the underwire seemed to rest on my upper torso–definitely too much bra. Santa blamed the band of lace at the base of the bra, but I doubt that was the problem.)

With the subtle variables in shape and wire comfort, I’m glad I had the chance to try as many Kris Line bras as I wanted to before choosing one. I hope that Kris Line eventually makes it big enough in the United States that I don’t have to travel all the way to Florida the next time I want to buy one!