I don’t know if you’ve noticed (I hope not!), but I’ve been in a blogging rut since May. I’m not going to do anything as drastic as some of the hairstyles below, but one thing has become super clear to me: It’s time for some changes.

changes ahead for big bust blog
Virtual hairstyles complements of, clockwise from top center, Taylor Momsen, Drew Barrymore, Rachel McAdams, Rachel McAdams and January Jones.

The first change you’ll notice is that I will be a lot less active. It’s not you. It’s Campbell & Kate. Lately I’ve fallen even more in love with my business and want to spend as much time with it as I can. I’ve also fallen even more in love with my husband. He has been doing all of the financial heavy lifting for us, and Campbell & Kate needs to help him retire someday!

Last week I heard a famous blogger say that a blog is a living thing, and all living things change. Hourglassy‘s amazing columnists have kept things changing. Unfortunately, I feel that my own writing has been in a holding pattern, and there are only so many times I want to fly around the airport! Please be patient with me as I figure out where to take Hourglassy next and how to get us there.

If you’ve been wanting to contribute something to Hourglassy, this would be a great time. Some of you have shared amazing ideas with me that I know our readers would love. Tell us a story, write us a review, or give us some advice. A guest post, or even a regular column, is a wonderful way to indulge your creative side without the commitment of your own blog.