When I was waiting for the fashion consultant at Stockmann in Helsinki, I started chatting with the sales lady at the lingerie department. She was a fellow busty lady, so we soon began discussing how there are no bras available for the busty-but-not-big-all-around even at their prestigious department store. She then noticed from under my coat that I was wearing a white button down shirt and showed me something cool that I had not seen before.

Shirt tape

Gape tape! Well, it’s not really called that, but that is what it’s designed to do. It’s clear tape designed to keep the shirt from gaping between the buttons. It did look like a neat design, and it would definitely work if the shirt gapes just a little.

 Next, I opened my coat to show that in fact I don’t need it. She was in awe of my Campbell & Kate shirt, but she said that she personally is not so keen on ordering online. She’s not used to it and lacks the confidence as it can be a big hassle. For my part, reading reviews on blogs and social media, plus asking about the fit online, has made me feel comfortable with online shopping even though I initially wasn’t.

Another literally cool thing I saw was silicone nipple covers. Who hasn’t had that nipple poke happen during the colder months of the year? Not so cool at all to have that happen at work while wearing a well fitting shirt.


Personally I feel that investing in a well-fitting, quality fabric shirt is the best option, but I know this isn’t for everyone for multiple reasons. In that case I could see this gape tape as a valid and working resolution. It’s definitely better to try this than to wear a gaping shirt to work, which is not a professional look at all.