It seems as though I’m always talking about bras, clothes and the way our breasts look in them. I’ve realized that I haven’t written about one other thing that plays a major role in how prominent my breasts will be in an outfit. Let’s discuss the hair/boob relationship.

I know that for me, this is a huge issue. You see, my neck is on the shorter side. I’m jealous of women with long graceful necks, and truthfully think that if one is given insanely large breasts, said neck should be thrown in for free. Alas, that is not the case. Here’s the thing. When I am wearing a well fitted bra and the girls are sitting pretty, the space between them and my chin is lacking. For this reason, you’ll never catch me in a dress or top with a high neckline and my hair completely down. My usual solution is to pull my hair up, the higher the better! I have very long hair so up in a bun it goes.

big bust short neck long hair 1

Now some of you may be thinking. Why doesn’t she just cut her hair? Besides the fact that I think my face is a little chubby for short hair right now, having long hair is great for . . . .covering back fat. Yes ladies, I’m admitting it. I’m sure it’ll be our little secret. When I’m running, I keep my long hair in a ponytail. I run long distances so my sports bra must be snug and it creates a few ripples and rolls that this woman would rather not be thinking about at mile 12. Solution: cover them up with hair!

Running my first half marathon. All of that dark brown you see is my hair.

big bust short neck long hair 2

You can see even from the front that my hair is covering from shoulder to shoulder.

big bust short neck long hair 3

If I’m wearing a dress or top that shows a bulge or two, I make sure to style my hair with the back loose.

big bust short neck long hair 6

I try to get it as close to this as possible.

big bust short neck long hair 4

And it comes out looking something like this.

big bust short neck long hair 8

I know I can’t be the only one whose breasts and hair have a special give and take relationship. So I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about yours.