Remember to join our birthday party this week, and come out smelling like lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit, jasmine or simply a natural, complements of Eucalan.

It’s amazing how quickly life can change.  I’ve been an Hourglassy reader for about 3 years.  I happened upon Hourglassy while desperately searching for help in finding clothing that would fit my busty body.  Hourglassy was a place I could come and feel comfortable.  In my everyday life, for many years, I felt like my body was some odd mutation.  Like something went haywire producing breasts that continued to grow beyond what was normal.  What other reason could there be for clothes not even being made to fit a body like mine?

Becoming an adult, mother and wife made me realize that my version of normal was fine.  Who wouldn’t want to be extraordinary in some way.  Hell yeah, my breasts are EXTRAordinary!  Accepting my endowment however isn’t always easy, and Hourglassy has allowed me to connect with other women like me. I was so excited to have won the “write the tag line” contest and am so happy it opened up communication with Darlene.  Somehow I feel as though we immediately connected.

After seeking her help again this year to find a dressy dress,  I was so flattered to have Darlene ask me to join the Hourglassy team.  It’s been life changing.  I’ve become sisters-in-boobship with the Hourglassy ladies as well as our readers.  My weekly column is a place where I can talk openly about anything and everything breast-related and best of all hear back from you all.

My goal when I began writing Beast Breast Forward, was to be completely honest about what I was doing or feeling.  It’s seeped into every area of my life.  I walk around NYC looking at the way large-busted women (especially women of color) carry themselves.  I notice other women struggling with clothes, hunched over in shame, carelessly busting out or breasts proudly perfectly perched and I make notes of it all.  I was hypnotized by Olivia Pope on Scandal wearing an ill fitting bra, and thankful for DVR as I rewound and reviewed it from every angle.

I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to share my experiences with the Hourglassy community every week.  I  hope that you all feel as I do, that we are learning, growing and evolving together.