Last week I drove from Delaware to Florida to deliver my mother-in-law’s van to her. Here I am before beginning my drive last Monday evening, wearing a Second Base demi-cami that I plan to review next week. Can you tell what my criticism will be?

34GG ready for trip

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I couldn’t stand the thought of driving straight through for nine more hours. What better way to break up the monotony than a field trip to A Sophisticated Pair? After all, it was Hourglassy‘s fifth birthday. This would be the perfect way to celebrate!

Google Maps said it would take 2 hours and 18 minutes to get there, which made me wonder if I was crazy . . . until I got onto Route 58. Not only was it a beautiful fall drive with a gas station that charged just $2.97 a gallon, but I also found something remarkable that I describe on the Campbell & Kate blog. All signs said I was headed in the right direction, and when I finally met Erica in person, it was confirmed.

big bust sophisticated pair erica greeting
Erica’s way of dressing always inspires me. Here she wears her BiuBiu Portofino top with a sparkly Banana Republic pencil skirt. In her recent review, she paired it with an animal print skirt.

Before I show you any more pictures of her shop, let me say that it’s even better being fitted by Erica in person than it is through the advice on her website, blog or Facebook page. She’s solicitous without being smothering. She engages in the process as an extremely knowledgeable partner rather than as a bra fitting diva who treats every question as insubordination.

We discussed tacking and shape issues, and she explained that the Panache Andorra may be too East-West on me because of the stretchy lace. Surprisingly, the new Fantasie Salsa (below right) seemed to fit perfectly. It tacked and kept me centered. Erica also recommended I try the Panache Jasmine and Cleo by Panache because of their narrower wires.

big bust sophisticated pair treasures 2
You’re going to see a LOT of beige bras in the photos that follow, but Erica has carefully planted little treasures for customers to discover throughout her store.
big bust sophisticated pair register corner
We had a nice long conversation on this couch.
big bust sophisticated pair catalogs
Closeup of the coffee table covered in catalogs–what better way to excite customers about the world of non-beige tee shirt bras?

big bust sophisticated pair couch
A great couch across from the dressing rooms where friends and family can give their opinions without the customer having to expose herself to the entire store.
big bust sophisticated pair big dressing room
The best thing about this large dressing room was that I could flash Erica with a question while she rang up customers at the cash register.
dog at sophisticated pair
One of her family’s two adorable dogs.

This little side trip was a perfect energizer for the rest of my drive. I can’t wait to return to it as a destination.