Hourglassy‘s very first regular columnist has been super busy since she left us. She’s moved to California and written a song that’s Rihanna-ready. Will you help her song reach Rihanna?

For background and how to help, here’s the email I received from Tammy on Monday:

I wrote a song with some of my super talented friends that would be PERFECT for Rihanna…but we haven’t had any luck getting it to her the traditional way…so we’re going rogue. We created a website- and we need your help spreading the word! Our goal is to catch the attention of RIRI herself by inundating the internet with this song!! The master plan starts with a tweet directing people to the site http://www.getthissongtorihanna.com and it would be AMAZING if you could help out by tweeting or retweeting (and/or sharing in any way you can think of!) along with me and getting the attention of Rihanna and her loyal superfans.

With your help, we can make this HUGE. If you tweet, tweet. Facebook or email or youtube or soundcloud or snail mail or smoke signals are wonderful too. The website has nifty little buttons at the bottom which make sharing easier.
GET THIS SONG TO @RIHANNA!!! #ririsong #badboys #getthissongtorihanna #GTS2R
THANK YOU!!!!!!!


P.S. If you’ve got extra special marketing powers and want to be involved in a bigger way (you know who you are…) please don’t hesitate to reach out! Every little bit counts and just think of how cool this will look on your linkedin…