I had no idea when I asked Tammy to write a column for this blog in December of 2010 that so much would happen in seven months. She went from being the size 10L fit model for Campbell & Kate shirts to toying with the idea of getting a reduction to actually getting one. Along the way, she gave us lots of shared laughs and thoughtful reflections about the full-busted experience.

Because I regularly run into women who are thinking about getting a reduction, I thought it would be helpful to link to all of Tammy’s posts below.  One of my goals for this blog is to present full-busted women with all the options available to us.  Thanks to Tammy for letting us explore the surgical option through her.

That’s Tammy on the left, with the duct tape holding everything in.

Introducing Our New Weekly Column December 31, 2010
The Crack January 7, 2011
Not His Type January 14, 2011
I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way January 21, 2011
“F” is for Feminism January 28, 2011
Ain’t That a Shame February 5, 2011
Strings attached February 11, 2011
She’s a Man February 18, 2011
Perks February 25, 2011
Guilt March 4, 2011
Rack-tose Intolerant?  March 11, 2011
Update Coming This Weekend March 18, 2011
The Other Team March 20, 2011
More Curves March 25, 2011
The Final-ish Countdown April 4, 2011
At the Gym April 8, 2011
The Million Dollar Question April 15, 2011
All the Right Places April 22, 2011
Material World April 29, 2011
More Workout Stuff May 16, 2011
Bra*Tenders May 20, 2011
Going Through With It May 31, 2011
Tammy’s Countdown June 15, 2011
Farewell Party June 20, 2011
The Rack on Bed Rest June 24, 2011
Where’s The Rack? July 8, 2011
Rackless  July 15, 2011

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