This week on the coat post series I meant to review my knee length Pepperberry trench coats, but the weather changed my plans. We had a stunning sunny autumn weekend, so we decided to escape to our lakeside summerhouse so I did not manage to take the trench coat pics like I was meant to.


Instead this week I’ll showcase one more coat that’s nearly impossible to find if you are large-busted! A leather jacket. This one here is with a thicker lining so it’s perfect for very chilly autumn weather – or an NYC winter!

Chinatown March 2013.
Chinatown March 2013. Pepperberry dress with a white shirt under it for warmth.

The coat is size XL, but somehow the fit is ok enough even though the front pockets may not be the most flattering for a busty woman.

Me with my friend Melissa heading to Bowery Ballroom for a gig.
Me with my friend Melissa heading to Bowery Ballroom. I’m wearing on of my favorite Wallis dresses here.

The jacket is from a local brand, and I bought it years ago because it was a surprising fit–not too tight around the chest and not too baggy around the waist.


Pepperberry tailored fit top with a back zip under the lined leather coat.
Pepperberry tailored fit top with a back zip under the lined leather coat.

Ideally I would want a Pepperberry leather jacket, and they have done at least two styles. The first one just had a steep price given the fact that it had a lot of stretchy fabric and not enough leather in my opinion. Otherwise I love the biker style of this jacket they did some seasons ago.

Pepperberry leather jacket.
Pepperberry leather jacket.

They also did one that was all leather BUT with a frilly front. Ewwww. So not what I look for in a leather jacket! I love the edginess a biker look leather jacket brings to an outfit–like in this pic where the model wears it with a long pretty printed skirt.

THIS JUST IN: Saint Bustier’s new leather jackets have arrived, and they’ll be posted on their website THIS WEEK. If you’re on the Saint Bustier VIP mailing list, then you’ve already seen the sneak peek they sent out in August, and already some of the sizes have been sold out in the pre-orders, so stay alert!