Polish big bust brand BiuBiu recently marked down a ton of their clothing, so I placed my very first order.

You may recall that I tried a used BiuBiu polka dot dress that I wasn’t that into, but this time I’m quite pleased with what I ordered, although I did accidentally order a size smaller than I ought (oops!).

I purchased the Rotterdam shirt in yellow and the Noli dress in navy and coral, both in 36 B/BB. According to the size chart, my waist is halfway between 36 and 38, and for some reason I decided to order 36 instead of 38. I think I thought the polka dot dress had been a 34 and I knew I needed to go up one size from that. But I was in such a rush to order before my size ran out that I didn’t bother double-checking my own review and it turns out the dress had been a 36.

I also take a 38 in Urkye, so you’d think that would have tipped me off that I should stick with 38 in BiuBiu too, but I guess I was just so excited that the Noli dress was on sale that I wasn’t thinking straight.

Anyhow, I placed the order on August 8 and received a shipment notification the next day. On September 5, though, I received an email from BiuBiu (in perfect English, I might add!) that said the package had been returned to them because of “damaged and illegible address and RR number.” They included a photo of the address label, and the ink had completely rubbed off!

They re-sent the package and even gave me a tracking number this time. I had to laugh when the package arrived a week and a half later and the address label was still not laminated or taped over. It had even started to rub off again. They should really consider using different ink or paper or something.

As for the clothes themselves, like I said, I should have ordered up a size. I might even consider a 40 in the Rotterdam or other intentionally clingy shirts next time, because it is very clingy and I prefer a slightly more relaxed fit. I could have exchanged the garments, but honestly I just didn’t feel like it.

However, even with it being tighter than I would prefer, the Rotterdam is still awesome.




The color online looks more like a buttery, sunny yellow, but in real life it’s definitively mustard. The first and third images above are the most accurate representation. I prefer the buttery shade, but mustard is a little more subtle and mature, so I’ll probably get more use out of it this way.

I absolutely love the one side of ruching. It basically ends up looking like regular ruching, but there’s much less fabric so it feels lighter and looks less bulky.

The crossover is an amazing design. You can really situate it any way you like, from an almost cheongsam-like high collar to a deep V wrapping all the way under your boob. I like to place it somewhere in the middle, so it doesn’t look like either an ocean of fabric or a chopped off boob. The only problem is you can see the seam of the underneath piece (see second photo). My only other complaint is that the upper arms are too tight, but maybe this would be better in a 38 or 40.

Next up is the ever-popular Noli dress. With six different color combinations, I had a hard time choosing, but eventually I settled on navy and coral since it seemed like it would match my existing shoes and accessories the best.

Again, I would prefer a 38B/BB instead of 36, but this time it’s not quite as unforgiving as the Rotterdam. It has princess seams and lies nicely flat and just isn’t as clingy. It also has enough space for my butt, so it doesn’t wrinkle up around my waist in the back, a most welcome change.

The fabric feels a little chintzy, being that it’s an all-acrylic blend, but it’s fine. The color is just like the online photos—nice and bright! I love that the collar is lined in the contrasting fabric of the skirt trim.

The dress hits me at about the same point on my leg as BiuBiu’s model, which is strange since she’s three inches shorter than me! It is a bit short if you are considering using it as an “office” piece, but not so short that I can’t sit down on the subway. Additionally, while the sleeves on the model look a little too long for her, on my 5’6″ frame they’re just right. And unlike the Rotterdam top, they don’t feel too tight.

The pockets are great! Thanks to a thin liner, they lie flat yet are deep enough to actually be useful. I really love the Noli and am expecting to get lots of wear out of it this fall and winter. In fact, I’m almost tempted to order another (coral with tan trim, anyone?).