Purchasing a new winter coat is like purchasing a new summer swimsuit for me–it only happens once every few years, so I want it to count. I’m paranoid that I’m going to end up with a boring basic coat in the same way that I let myself end up with a boring basic black bikini last June. So even though it’s only September, I’ve already been coat shopping for a couple of months. I want to fall in love with a style while it’s still be available in my size.

My earliness strategy hasn’t paid off so far. For one thing, I’ve been ready to buy a coat before the stores have been ready to sell them, so the pickings have been super slim. Second, I haven’t fallen in love with anything available in my size at the department stores. This is why I thought of Lee Lee’s Valise. It’s a small boutique in Brooklyn, which means it offers designs I won’t see anywhere else, and its sizes begin at 10.

Lee Lee’s Valise offers two winter coat options–one long,  one short, and both 100% cashmere. They aren’t on the website as of this writing, but when I called the store a few weeks ago, they agreed to give me a sneak peek. Since Diana St. Louis of Bijte is also Brooklyn-based, she came with me.

Here’s the adorable short coat option, which costs a little over $400. I like it on me, but I love it on Diana. We’re both wearing size large.

big bust leeleesvalie short cashmere coat

Diana called the long option, which costs over $800, a “Grace Jones coat”.

grace jones

If you are tall, then this would be an amazing investment.  How I wish I could carry it off!

big bust leeleesvalise long coat
Both coats are designed by Lisa Dolan, the founder and owner of Lee Lee’s Valise, so you won’t find them anywhere else. I’m wearing size Large in this picture.

My search continues. Perhaps Saint Bustier is next!