After having such success with Urkye, I was eager to try the other well-known Polish big bust brand, BiuBiu.

BiuBiu seems to offer more mature and polished items than Urkye, which could be great for a professional setting. Seeing as I do not work in a traditional office, however, there aren’t that many practical items for me. Luckily, I was able to purchase a secondhand Polka Dot dress through a Facebook group.

Since I bought this secondhand, I have no idea what the ordering or shipping process is like for BiuBiu, but now I have a good grasp on the quality and sizing, which is more important to me anyways.

According to the BiuBiu size chart, I should wear a 38B/BB in jersey fabric items (the exact same size I take with Urkye). That would make my sister size 36BB/BBB. The Polka Dot dress that I ended up with, though, is a 36B/BB. But it’s very stretchy, so I figured it would work anyways. And the price I paid was exceedingly low. I think the shipping cost more than the dress, in fact!

As expected, the bust is a wee small. I wish the lace trim under the bust were a touch lower. 38 B/BB or 36BB/BBB definitely would have been better. But even though the bust is a little off, it’s good to know that if I buy anything in the future, the size chart is accurate. As for this particular item, I would probably prefer the 38, as the 36 showed off my tummy more than I’d like and it bunched up in the back above my rear. Upon looking over my photos, I also notice that I’ve got visible panty lines in back, one of my most hated fashion faux pas!

The quality of the dress is fine. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing to write home about either. The fabric is lightweight without being sheer; the dots, which seem to be screen-printed onto the fabric, are all even; and the lace trim and seams are all perfect. My only complaint is that while the dots are bright white, what’s supposed to be white lace trim is more of a very pale pink. I wish it were true white, because the two different colors look a little funny.

Really, the biggest issue I have is that while there’s nothing wrong with the garment, it just doesn’t wow me. When I first tried it on, my boyfriend’s first response was to tell me I looked like a grandma. Then he added the caveat that my boobs looked great in it. I think that really sums it up.

The skirt isn’t full enough to flare out and there are no creative seams, so everything under the bust is one big, flat expanse of fabric. My body looks nice in it and there’s actually quite a bit of décolletage showing, but it’s just too conservative and plain for my taste. It does come in a bright cherry red with white polka dots, but I don’t think I can get past the flatness of it, so I won’t be trying that one.