1. Amazing Dress

I have finished every Spiral episode currently available on Netflix, so you won’t be hearing about my latest celebrity big bust crush Audrey Fleurot for a while. However, I can’t resist posting this amazing dress from my last bout of binge watching.

large bust gorgeous audrey fleurot purple knit dress

2. #diversityinlingerie

As you probably realize from reading other lingerie and big bust blogs today, Braless in Brasil has launched a fascinating #diversityinlingerie campaign. As far as the lingerie industry goes, I have to admit that I’m not very passionate about this subject. I’m attracted by ad campaigns that evoke a certain mood, whatever the age or race of the models. I don’t look for size diversity because I know that when manufacturers conduct photo shoots and exhibit at trade shows, they only have samples to work with, so they can only use models who fit (or almost fit) their samples. Instead of identifying with the models, I study the construction of the garments themselves to see whether I think that a specific bra or chemise will fit and flatter me.

As far as the blogosphere goes, however, I am thrilled with the demonstration of diversity. The women posting photographs of themselves for #diversityinlingerie are my heroes. Whether the lingerie industry pays attention to them or not, I do. It makes a difference for me to see how women with bodies similar to mine are wearing lingerie. I’m in love with Holly in her green bodysuit, and Laura’s romper and red robe have inspired me to search for an equally comfortable and flattering combination the next time I shop for sleepwear. The #diversityinlingerie campaign photos make me feel like I’m part of a giant sleepover with women from around the world who respect their bodies and clothe them with love. It makes me want to do the same. Smart companies need to find a way to harness this appeal.

(I won’t be posting a #diversityinlingerie photo on Hourglassy, but I will be sending a headless photo of me in my Ricky Lizalde chemise for June to post on her blog. I’ve always wanted to show you what it actually looks like on.)

3. Coming Up

I’ve been on the lookout for a perfect tee since beginning this blog. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as “just a tee shirt” where a big bust is concerned. It’s either amazing or a dud. There isn’t any in-between. I’ve recently purchased a few of these L.L. Bean scoopneck tees with elbow-length sleeves. Currently, they’re duds, but I have an alteration in mind to make them amazing. I purchased the matching thread today, so watch out Leila, or I’ll be taking over your Fit Picky Full Bust Alterations column!

Finally, I didn’t need the Wall Street Journal to tell me that “The Early Bird Catches the Coat“. I’ve been searching since I ordered the wool blend camel coat from the Pepperberry sale during our last heat wave. Unfortunately, that coat wasn’t the one for me, so my search continues. I’m taking pictures of every coat I try, so look for a report soon (I hope!).