You’re probably already thinking about wardrobe changes now that Labor Day is upon us. Well, before you sell everything in a yard sale or donate it to a charity, take a good hard look at your bras, tops, dresses and accessories. Ask yourself, “Is this something that one of my busty sisters could wear?” If the answer is yes, then set it aside for our clothing swap on October 5!

I’m still firming up the exact location and logistics, but I want you to know the date before you make any other plans. Last year’s swap was a ton of fun, and everyone walked away with something “new to them” plus great prizes and goody bags. This year, I’ve already heard from D+ women in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts who are planning to attend–don’t hesitate to do the same if you live only a couple of hours away. Rumor has it that Miss Underpinnings will be back, and even Miss Shaped could be in town from Las Vegas. I’m hoping that Sweets will put in an appearance as well. You’ll also get to share the dressing room mirror with Hourglassy‘s very own Leah and Mia. Tina can’t make it from Finland (that I know of yet), but she’s already donated great clothing for it, brought over on one of her many business trip stopovers in NYC.

If you live too far away to join us  and want to plan a swap for your own large-breasted community, check out Closet Dash Shop’s post about how to host a swap party. Or simply send your clothes to us. You KNOW you want someone who appreciates big bust fit to wear it next!