These are the two towers we see every time we cross the causeway. My camera angle doesn’t do them justice.

building towers look like bg boobs

We’re having a lovely time, and I’ve developed a bona fide tan. Usually we take summer breaks when it’s too late to build a tan before bundling up for the fall, so taking time off in June feels like we have endless weeks of warm weather to enjoy. What do you want to be sure to do before it gets cold again?

There’s one part of my body that’s almost as white as it was before we came to the beach–my stomach. I did purchase a sort-of bikini that I’m going to tell you about next week, but I didn’t buy it in time to build a tan on my tummy. (I’m actually wearing the bikini top under my tee shirt right now and feeling super supported and comfortable.)

Even though I’ve spent most of our vacation in my saggy Panache Geneva, we’ve made happy swimsuit memories. Below is my mom and me in our swimsuits and cover-ups after watching the sunset during a thunderstorm on Monday. Below that is a picture of the two of us in our swimsuits 41 years earlier.

big boobs at the beach in sarasota

mother daughter by the pool