Somehow in the shipping of the Parfait bras to Leah (Fiona and Arabella) and my niece (the Fiona) for their reviews, I ended up with an extra Fiona in 30G. Happily, Reader K entered the giveaway and asked for a Fiona in 30G, so she won something right away! Even better, she’s written her own review, so you’ll get another perspective of the fit of a 30G on someone with a different shape from Leah.

Appearance: 10/10
To start off, the bra is quite pretty. The fabric is a really soft, silky champagne colored satin with brownish maroon lace along the top of the cups. Parfait adds to the glamor of this bra with a small sequined charm at the gore. I like that the cups are lightly lined and are very soft and flexible. The band is mesh and clasps with 3 hook and eye closures. Overall, the Fiona is a beautiful bra that looks like it it is sewn to last!

30G Parfait Fiona reviewed

Fit: 8/10
I waited until I had worn this bra a few times just so I could give a more accurate review! I normally wear a 28G but decided to try the Fiona in a 30G since their sizes start at a 30 band and I read online that Parfait’s bands run tight. The 30G turned out to be a good fit. I gave the Fiona an 8/10 in the fit department for two reasons. Firstly, the straps aren’t fully adjustable. If you’re a short gal like me this can be a problem when the bra begins to stretch (thankfully, I have a little sewing know-how and a good tailor for when I get in over my head). Secondly, the cups are just a hair shallow and wide on me, though not by much. The bra is very comfortable to wear and has earned a spot in my normal rotation!