If you wear a DD+ bra and wear glasses, it may not be necessary to say, “Hey, buddy! My eyes are up here!” Your glasses might do it for you.

I made this discovery by accident. For the last six years, I’ve been wearing a pair of ultra-light, ultra-expensive Lindberg glasses from Denmark that matched everything and were as close to invisible as anything I could find. The problem was, the frames were so delicate that regular labs wouldn’t touch them when it came time to replace the lenses.

With my last prescription change, we discovered that I could get two new frames and progressive lenses for only $425 from Costco–less than half the cost of simply replacing the lenses in my old everyday and sunglasses frames at the boutique where I originally purchased them. It was a great excuse to try something new.

Taken via cellphone just after picking up my new glasses.

Initially, the only thing that struck me about my new glasses was that I should never allow myself to wear black again. The tortoiseshell/aqua frames flatter my complexion, and I’ve discovered that choosing clothing that goes with my glasses makes me look more vibrant.

The second thing I realized is that these glasses really stand out. I’ve always been reticent when it comes to glasses, very similar to how I used to be with my big boobs–always wanting to hide them!

Next, it dawned on me that prominent eyeglasses might draw attention away from a large bust.  I tested this theory on Monday night.

Does my bust look any smaller with my new glasses? No. If anything, it looks larger in the photo on the left, but for some reason, I prefer the look on the left. Everything looks more balanced and finished. On the right, I look tired and unfinished. Regardless of how my bust looks, however, I think you’ll agree that my new glasses draw more attention to my eyes than my old glasses. So when you want someone to make eye contact instead of focusing on your boobs, glasses that draw attention to your eyes can help.

However, more attention-getting frames aren’t as boob-deflecting as I expected. Instead, I think the main lessons to be learned are ones of proportion and presence. Regarding proportion, I’ve already discussed the implications of delicacy when you have a large body or body parts here and on Holly’s blog. There is so much more to explore on this topic, but my takeaway is that on my size 14/34G frame, my smallish eyes get lost in delicate glasses.

Presence is a more challenging lesson because it has to do with attitude. I chose my delicate glasses in 2006 because I didn’t want to commit to one particular look. I wanted to blend in, to be a chameleon. My husband says that my old glasses made me look more like the practicing attorney I was, and my new glasses make me look more like the creative I am now. I see his point, but I’m not sure I agree. I think a stronger visual presence and expression of my personality even in my former law firm could have been a good thing, but either (a) I was either afraid to show myself, or (b) I didn’t yet know this side of myself. It turns out that the Big Breast Dressing Attitudes I discussed in 2010 relate to more than just big breasts!

Without my large breasts, I’m not sure I would ever be thinking about accessories like glasses in such a granular fashion. Lately, I’ve been doing the same thinking with regards to purses and bags, and I hope to learn something that I can post here. I’ve been having a lot of fun with what I learned about tights last year, as you can see in some of my November OOTD Challenge pins. I’m so obsessed with the power of tights to liven up my plain navy dresses, that I’ve just ordered this pair from Anthropologie.

How, and with what attitude, are you accessorizing these days?