Hi to all you readers and hope your week has had a great start! Mine has. This Monday has been one of the most energetic ones in a long time. I attended an inspiring and interesting training for ICT management last week and that got me into reading Kotter during the weekend. I came back to work with Evernote bursting with ideas I had written down.

This week the topic is casual – more specifically casual at overnight business training trips with evening activities. It was very easy to pack normal clothes for the three training days, but then there were the clothes for the outdoor team activities and the sauna and hot tub and lounging by the fireplace after. It’s still my work colleagues who I’m with, but I need to reveal a casual side of me which is actually a bit out of character for me. The reason is my fixation on matching clothes, including coat and shoes and other accessories. Also, I’m not a very casual person to begin with. So I chose my most casual outfit, navy pants with this top below (and the scarf too).

Lindex top and scarf.

As an outdoor activity ensemble, it being winter and rainy, I chose my riding raincoat and my wellies. I wore them with dark blue jeggings and a white turtle neck knitted jumper.

Riding raincoat and a close match to my wellies but not exactly the same.

The most casual I ever get is when riding. It hurts my eyes how the coat does not match the rest of my outfit in this picture taken last Easter in Gredos mountains, Spain. Yes, I really am fixated on outfits that match, but with outdoor wear I  sometimes have to compromise.

Tattini helmet, Hööks jacket, Pikeur riding pants and Hööks riding boots. Horses name is India @Gredos mountains, Spain.

Here are some of my very cosy summer holiday styles. Even flip-flops need to match my dresses 🙂 Luckily they are inexpensive to buy.

Left: Pepperberry dress @Rethymnon, Crete Right: H&M dress and GinaTricot cardi.


On my yearly trail riding trips I do take easy-to-wear clothes with me for sightseeing and dinners as seen here. I’ve had the knitted tunic for a few years and it’s been a great purchase and a staple as my casual wear.

YourFace knitted top, H&M leggins and Vagabond ballerinas @Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

And last but not least, my grocery shopping casual style – this is the absolute most casual I can leave the house. Ever.

Pepperberry jacket, Dressman shirt (loaned from bf), Guess bag, NewLook boots.

Everyone’s own individual dressing style determines what we see as casual and that in turn determines what we view as work wear and what we view as party wear. For example my boyfriend’s father thinks that the blue and white long jersey dress seen above with the long cardi is very festive! And at the same time it’s one of my most casual dresses I own and only wear it as such 🙂

To conclude this post, as might be evident, I do put a lot of thought into what I wear. Every morning I lie in bed and decide on my outfit in my head before I get up. I think of what’s clean, whether I know where it is, which shoes go with the outfit and whether I know where those shoes are, etc. That sentence reveals that yes, my wardrobe collection is way too big. I need to make an inventory soon and donate some clothes to charity.