We’ve all had encounters with men who couldn’t seem to meet our eyes, and it wasn’t because of shyness.  I’ve written about other women’s tactics for getting men to look up (here and here), but what if instead of directing their attention to our faces, we get them to look even lower–at our legs?

I discovered this option when I stepped outside in my DKNY patterned tights last week.  I kept getting second glances from men even though my bust was firmly bound by my winter coat . . . which made me realize that fun tights are yet another option for diverting attention from our busts if we want to.  I should have taken a page from Curveissa’s book last month when she posted a photo of her new polka dot tights.

The tights in this photo are demure enough for an office setting, although after I had my friend Shilpa (the creative force behind Spicy Bijoux jewelry) take this photo, I was no longer so positive about their power to divert.  Even after 3 years of writing about being full-busted, I’m still sometimes shocked when I see the size of my bust in photos.  However, if a pair of patterned tights doesn’t entirely divert, it can at least balance things out, and I think that’s happening here.  I’m pretty pleased with this discovery.

(Speaking of balance, I’ve decided to go with streamlined shoes over chunky wherever possible, thanks to the helpful comments I received when I wrote about shoes last month.  I’m still trying to figure out why this is better for me, but I think it may have to do with my height.)

I decided to continue the experiment with a patterned skirt–or in this case, a dress made to look like a skirt by wearing a sweater over it.  When I wrote about this Ann Taylor sweater last fall, I said it was a “womanly sweater” that makes breasts the “main attraction”.  It’s a little less curvaceous when layered over a dress, but I also think the pattern below it plays a big role in toning it down.

The skirt isn’t doing all the work, however.  See the difference when I take off the necklace below.  It’s the balance point factor that I wrote about last May.  I also think the sheen from the necklace keeps the eye from resting on the bust.

I’m now pretty excited about shopping for tights and patterned skirts in the days ahead.  I’d love to see pictures of what you’ve done with this concept.