Is it just my imagination, or is there a plethora of scoop necks available lately? I tweeted about my Ann Taylor order on September 12 because I didn’t want you to miss out. Fortunately, three of the items are still available online, but only one of them is still on sale. See my report after the jump.

I also listened to an interesting teleseminar yesterday with Christine Beauchamp, the president of Ann Taylor Stores. I write a little bit about it after the photos.

Favorites first!  This is the tee I’ve been looking for since January.  Everyone else must have been looking for it, too, because it’s the one item today that is no longer available online.  However, if you search for 87659542 and enter your zipcode, AT will tell you if it’s in a store near you.

I think this is a “See Me” shirt.  I wore it into a few chichi boutiques last Saturday and was treated very nicely.  Christina Binkley was right about clean and crisp lines being flattering.  I’m going to post more about stripes with tomorrow’s Curve Cam.  (I’m wearing size Regular Large.)

I really like the silk/nylon sweater below.  It can be dressed up or down.  The seam that you see running down the arm also runs down the center back and side seam.  I’m not as fond of it in the side seam because it’s obvious that my bust is pulling the fabric, but that’s not enough to cause me to return it.  I’m wearing size Regular Large.

I think the sweater below is a “look at me” sweater.  Even in black, there’s no hiding in it.  I’ve been looking for it since seeing it on the video I posted on September 7.  I thought the neckline and the interesting sleeves might draw the eye up from the bust, but that’s not happening here, is it?  The bust is the main attraction in this sweater.  It is a womanly sweater.  In a conservative work setting, I would keep my jacket on.  Everywhere else, I would show what I have.  (I’m wearing size Regular Large.)

Finally, a simple tee that won’t be a big loss when you spill something on “the perch” because it only costs $19.50 (I got it for $16.80, so I’ll mind even less).  I’m not as in love with this tee as I am the items above, but it serves the purpose of being functional and reasonably flattering.  And it’s a lot better than my husband’s shirt I’ve been wearing around the house this week.  I’m wearing size Petite XL below.

Don’t you think the difference between the half sleeve and the three-quarters sleeve is interesting? For my 5’3″ proportions, I prefer the less cluttered look of the half sleeve.

Now for the Ann Taylor scoop from yesterday’s call.  By the way, I had access to this call through the Step Up Women’s Network.  My Influencer level membership has been well worth it this year.

So here’s Christine Beauchamp’s scoop about what’s coming to Ann Taylor.  In their second major fall delivery coming soon, you’ll see

  • pale colors inspired by makeup shades like blushes (already available in the sweaters above) and warm neutrals like oatmeal and camel;
  • wide leg pants
  • strong military or other detailing in jackets, especially strong shoulders (I alerted you to this here, back in July 2009?!)
  • a variety of striped tops

In November, you’ll see day-to-night looks in gold, black and vibrant colors.

Christine Beauchamp mostly spoke about Ann Taylor’s re-branding.  A lot of it had to do with their hiring of  new head designer Lisa Axelson away from Club Monaco.  They also started by looking at what their existing customers wanted before trying to attract back customers who had left or never shopped at their stores.  If you’re interested in knowing more, please email me.