This isn’t a very good picture, but Gina gets compliments every time she wears this dress from Yes, Overstock.  She decided to give them a try after liking the dresses that a friend found there.  Now I’m thinking I should give them a try.  The dress is a faux wrap in a polyester knit.  I should have asked Gina if the neckline is fine by itself or whether it requires pinning or a camisole.  Maybe I can get her to add a comment about that.

Next up is a shirt dress that gets no compliments, which has led Gina to the conclusion that, “When people give you a compliment, they’re not just being nice.  They really mean it.”  It’s funny how compliments work, isn’t it?  Another friend of mine gauges the success of a purchase by whether it solicits any compliments.  Gina will continue to wear this dress in spite of the dearth of compliments, but I wonder if you have any ideas on the difference?  (By the way, you can see her so-called “hourglass calves” in the first picture below.  Do you agree that she should forget her prohibition on Audrey Hepburn cropped pants?)

Finally, here’s a silk blouse from Talbot’s that I think is evidence that busty women can wear ruffles.  For last year’s discussions of this topic, see here and here.  My thinking on this topic continues to evolve, so feel free to chime in. Gina is still playing with how she wants to put this blouse together with her other clothes, so look for an update down the road.  One advantage of ruffles:  they hide the safety pin you use to keep your blouse closed (you can see from Favorite Thing #6 on Tuesday that this blouse will definitely require one).

Tomorrow, look for treasures from Gina’s scarf drawer! (Nothing after the jump.)