We all have things in our closet that we think we’ll wear but never do.  Here’s what Gina’s been holding onto.

1.  She always wanted a bright green raincoat, but now that she has this one, she’s not sure why she doesn’t like it.  Any ideas?  My thought:  it’s not lavish enough with the fabric.

2. I love the fitted shape of this navy blue velvet jacket.  I wouldn’t throw it away either.  Gina thinks the issue is having the right shoes to go with the navy.  She’s going to try it with jeans and brown shoes.

3.  Here’s a Talbot’s jacket that even closes across the bust when fastened.  Any ideas for her on this one?

4.  Finally, here’s the “Favorite Tee” from the Gap.  The fabric is great, but it’s super long (almost 25% of online reviewers agree).  It comes in regular, tall and petite lengths and in V and scoop necks.  And once again, the Prima Donna Madison bra looks great under a tee.