Have you seen the new “Know Your Breasts” Bra Finder that Herroom launched on Friday? You can already find a review of how the latest Herroom tool worked for Never Took Home Ec.  According to my own results, my issues are splayed, settled and uneven breasts, outward pointing apex, and narrow shoulders.   “Know Your Breasts” did an excellent job of explaining how to address each of these issues.  Sadly, it did a terrible job of putting it all together. Many of the solutions don’t exist in certain bra sizes OR don’t exist together with the other solutions. However, Herroom deserves big kudos for recognizing and highlighting the role that breast shape should play in finding a bra, and I hope their excellent start only improves from here.


The September magazine issues are out, and I’m in the middle of poring over them. In O Magazine this weekend, I discovered what I already suspected from my last thrift store report: “Purple works for every complexion”. (Actually, according to my instructor Carol Davidson, any color works for any complexion–it’s just a matter of finding the right value, chroma and temperature for you.)

I love the Michael Kors dress on the right.

Here’s another surprising find from O Magazine: a $20 blouse with double bust buttons under covered placket from Riders by Lee. It’s made for the general public so unlikely to fit as well as the specialty brands listed on the Clothing for Us page, but I think it’s great that a mainstream brand is finally trying to address the issue of the gap. For D-F cup women, this may be an affordable option!


If you need a reminder to continue to play to your strengths, be encouraged by Georgina’s example in Fat Girls Should Wear Baggy Clothes. I love that she shows how both she and Erica of A Sophisticated Pair can wear an identical dress despite their very different bodies.

Along the same theme, also check out Cheryl’s recent Outfit of the Day post where she reminds us, “The trick is to make the best of what you do have, and in my case I like my lower legs and small waist so that’s what I’ve played up . . . .”


There’s an alteration for that.  Bras I Hate has actually figured out How to Make a Pointy Bra Round, and Quest for the Perfect Bra recently found a way to get rid of the saggy boobs effect in an otherwise very flattering (and purple!) top.