First, let me introduce you to Tracy and Jackie, whose boutique in Edina, Minnesota targets the full-bust only market. Sally recently gave them a glowing review after her fitting at La Bratique. When we spoke Saturday night, they asked a question that I struggle with as well: How should full bust stores and brands describe themselves to the public? They sell 30-40 bands and often encounter women who are angry with them for not selling to the full-figured market. Although “full bust” is the correct technical term, it is not a term that the general public relates to. What do you suggest?

How target full bust vs full figure at this Minnesotal boutique

Last year when I took you inside the closet of a 28FF, you saw this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing on a hanger. Now you can see how amazing it looks ON Leah. I’m also in love with her T-strap shoes.

pinup girl dresses look great on hourglassy figures

Finally, the main sponsor of the event was Affinitas, and what big busted blogger in her right mind would turn down the opportunity to see the Parfait line modeled live? Leah has already raved about this brand with Perfection in Parfait last January and her review of the new Parfait line last May. Now that I know I can sometimes wear a G cup, and after seeing these pieces in the fashion show, I’m ready to try them myself.  The very last photo is the gorgeous Dirty Dolls longline that I wish I could wear and that looks fabulous on the model. All of the hosiery for the show was provided by Peek Brooklyn, and you can receive 20% off an order of $50 or more with the promo code CoolTights.

want this parfait longline for d cup and up

love the accent underwires on parfait for d cup and up

another view of accent underwire for d cup and up parfait

pretty white set for d cup and up from affinitas

the famous charlotte in minty green

cami option for d cup and up from parfait

interesting cami bra option from parfait for d cup and up

black cami set from parfait for d cup and up

dirty dolls bra for d cup and up