One reason I love to explore the closets of other D+ women is that it allows me to introduce you to more styles, manufacturers and designers than I can carry in my closet alone.  Hence my excitement when Leah pulled out two dresses from PinUp Girl Clothing, which I’ve always wanted to try. Later, she also  introduced me to Michelle Jonas, a designer I’m going to keep an eye on. Chime in if you’ve purchased any of these brands or own similar styles to those in the pictures below.

I’ll also ask Leah to chime in with the sizes of these pieces–I forgot to write them in my notes, and I know some of you will want to compare her measurements and sizes with your own in order to figure out what would look best on you. Leah measures 27″ at the waist and 36″ at the bust. She is also super lucky to measure 18″ from her center back (that little knob at the base of your neck) to her waist. Why is this so lucky? Most of the women that I have measured have ranged between 14″-16″ from center back to waist. With such a long torso, Leah can get away with a super saggy bra and still have waist to spare!

Finally, in past Inside the Closet segments, I’ve written separate posts for favorites and unfavorites, but I’m combining them here.  Her unfavorites are in the bottom two photos.