As summer comes to an end, the completely volunteer staff of Support1000 is surging forward with a giant new goal:  ship 15,000 bras to women all over the world on August 25. In other words, this coming Saturday they plan to ship in a single day the entire number of bras that they have shipped over the last three years!

Do you want to help? They don’t need your actual bras this time. They need your money to help cover the cost of packing materials and shipping.  You can make a donation as low as $10 through the Support1000 Fundly page, or you can go to the Support1000 website and click on their PayPal donation button.

Of course, if you’re in Chicago this weekend, Support1000 could definitely use your help packing bras.  The thought of making boob and bra jokes with over 200 amazing Bra-La-Palooza volunteers sounds like a lot of fun, as well as imagining the joy that the bras you are packing will bring to the women who wear them. If you can make it, register for a time on the Support1000 EventBrite page, and show up here:

Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N. Magnolia Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Will you also help by spreading the news about the Bra-La-Palooza to your friends, relatives and co-workers? You can tweet about it or share a link to this post on your Facebook page. As women who know the cost and value of a good bra, let’s do what we can to help Support1000 put good bras on the women who need them the most.