First of all, if you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, run, don’t walk, to this Zulily flash sale of Panache bra-sized swimwear. Thanks for the heads up from Stackdd and reader Kel! Many of the suits are down to one-size offerings, but there are several sizes in this black Anna Tankini top that you could use as a tank top far from the pool on a hot day. It’s only $20 (down from $80)!

Since writing about the cap sleeves on my big bust dress find a couple of weeks ago, I especially appreciated these posts about large upper arms:

All Women Have the Right to Bare Their Arms from Sally of AlreadyPretty
Acceptance from Miss Kathryn’s MissTakes (if you’re at work, mute your sound to avoid blasting the SimblyBe ad currently on this site)

Much as I love Busty Girl Comics, I sometimes wince at the issues that she highlights as part of daily busty life when they are often only part of the daily busty life of women who wear ill-fitting bras. It looks like it bothered Never Took Home Ec, too. Take a look at her analysis of nine fixable frustrations of the busty women of Busty Girl Comics.

Finally, here we go again:  Cleavage is Out, Breastbones Are In! I’ll probably jump into the fray soon with a post about how ridiculous it is for any particular body part to be “in” or “out” of fashion, but frankly, I wonder if Hourglassy readers find this discussion almost as passé as I do? I say “almost” passé because I still love looking at what designers bring out each season, and I’m always transfixed by images of beautiful models such as the ones in this piece, cleavage-less or not, and I yearn to look like them. I keep in mind, however, that much of what is shown on runways never makes it to stores without serious adaptations for the woman on the street, and we’re already accustomed to most of those adaptations failing to take the D cup and up market into account. But what do you think–is it even possible to smash and tape ourselves so that we could wear one of these garments? Perhaps the first Chanel “boob triangle”?