I’ve written in the past about how sometimes I play favorites between my two children, Hourglassy and Campbell & Kate. It’s difficult not to spend more time on one to the neglect of the other, so I hope you’ll bear with me as I figure out how to stay on top of everything. One idea is to write posts on the Campbell & Kate blog that I can also link to here. Although I’m still finding my voice with that blog, if I know that I can spend as much time writing a post for it as I do for Hourglassy, the quality will improve. Also, knowing that I’m writing for you will keep me from being too advertise-y. PLEASE let me know if this would turn you off from reading Hourglassy because that’s the last thing I want to do. Basically, the options  are either no post or a Campbell & Kate post at least once a week unless I discover more amazing columnists and guest bloggers for you.

Today’s Campbell & Kate post is on a subject near and dear to my classic-shirt-selling heart: Is “classic” always a euphemism for “frumpy”?  Today’s post highlights just one way to keep the two from being synonyms, but it’s the most important: fit. Are there any frumpiness factors that you think are exclusive to large-breasted women?