You’ll find my Hourglassy posts to be a little sporadic this week–after Sunday’s photo shoot, I’m working to update the Campbell & Kate website to begin taking pre-orders for my second production run.  Here’s one of the photos that I really like.  My model is wearing a Prima Donna Satin in 32F and a Campbell & Kate in 8M.  (A gazillion thanks to Claudia‘s husband Alejandro Barragan of Unleashed Vision for making this possible!)

With Curve beginning today, I’ve got a lot on my plate. (Remember to give Leah and me your questions to ask the companies we talk to!)

I’ve also had “Made in U.S.A.” on my mind lately, prompted in part by this article in The Wall Street Journal  about what goes into a $155 price tag for a polo shirt, as well as a post by Holly over at TheFullFiguredChest about why we should support independent lingerie designers who produce locally.  As someone who produces here in the United States, I have mixed views on the topic that I am looking forward to discussing with you soon.

Things have been so non-stop that I’ve barely had time to catch up on posts from my favorite bloggers with big busts, but here are a few that have caught my eye recently:

  • Anything by June at Bralessinbrasil . . . if you’ve ever complained about having a hard time finding bras, her post about Living in a Bra-Desert will make you grateful for what you have!
  • After a short hiatus, Sophia Jenner is back with a vengeance this February; check out her latest on whether celebrities make bad bra role models (what does she think about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, I wonder?).
  • I confess that my eyes have begun to glaze over at all the bra reviews out there (is that sacrilege?), so I really perk up when I find dress reviews, such as  (1) CurvyWordy’s wrap dress finds that look good even with camis and are super versatile; and
    (2) MissUnderpinnings’ great dress series (I especially appreciate her refusal to set hard and fast rules– “I tried so hard to make basic ‘rules’ for these posts, i.e. ‘no empire waist cuts’. Then I’d find some slammin’ empire waist dress that seemed to really flatter.”)
  • MissUnderpinnings also has a great post about defining boob boundaries, and you should read it together with ButterflyCollection’s almost scholarly post about cleavage.

Since the last two posts that I mention deal with the challenges of living in a world mesmerized by big boobs, it seems appropriate that tomorrow’s post will be about Megan‘s experience as the only woman in an otherwise all-male office.