Squeeee!!! Just found out this week that Curvy Kate is bringing their “Star in a Bra” competition stateside! That was my number one question I wanted to ask them at the Curvexpo next week, but their Facebook page already answered it for me.

The details are few right now. Nothing has been announced other than an approximate date (April 2012), and the criteria that entrants must be at least a D cup and at least 18 years old. For those of you to whom the competition is unknown, it’s an annual contest that Curvy Kate runs in the UK to find D-plus models for its lingerie campaigns. It’s going on its fourth year now, and apparently has become pretty big over across the pond, with over 2,000 girls having entered last year. The winner receives a yearlong modeling contract and, of course, a new lingerie wardrobe. She’ll appear in retail photos and Curvy Kate’s promotional materials.

I really love this competition, and the fact that Curvy Kate uses non-airbrushed, non-professional models at all. Just looking through their catalogs, you’ll see that the models cover an array of sizes, from petite to amazon, and slender to super curvy. Not only does it celebrate the beauty of different shapes, but it’s also a great advertising tool—unlike the plastic-looking Photoshopped monstrosities that Victoria’s Secret traffics in, it gives you a real view of what the garments look like and how they fit…so you can make an educated purchase. It really makes me want to support the brand, if for no other reason than I so admire what they stand for.

Personally, I can’t wait to enter. I’ve had a thing for pin-up style and imagery for a while now, and have wanted to try getting involved with modeling for a long time. But it seems like the only opportunities for big-busted modeling or anything even remotely resembling pin-up work is erotica (especially when you’ve got a healthy smattering of tattoos on your body, like me), but that’s really not my thing.

For further updates on the Curvy Kate USA Star in a Bra competition, check the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter. I’ll be hounding them for details next week, but if you have anything specific you want to ask, leave a note in the comments. Here are my initial questions:

  1. Is there an age limit?
  2. How do they feel about tattoos and piercings?
  3. Where will the competition be centered (I’m guessing LA or NYC)?