Today’s letter is from the writer who coined the phrase “Fairy Bra Mother” and is the perfect ending to the current series. But it’s not the last you’ll be reading from Megan.  Her upcoming guest post about being the only woman in a male-dominated industry will help you understand how hard-earned her confidence is.

Megan Giltner is a freelance writer with experience in small business marketing, social media strategy, and retail sales. She graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering Rader School of Business in 2010 with a degree in business marketing and currently resides in Staunton, Virginia. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, sewing, shooting trap, and working on home improvement projects.

My Dearest Goddaughter,

I see the hurt in your eyes when people immediately see your chest, and not your sparkling personality. This time in your life is uncomfortable enough without stares from strangers, leers from boys, and spiteful comments from women. It’s important that you know that not all women will judge you because of your breasts – we all have them – but sometimes people forget that they are very personal. You’re born with them and have no real control as they develop and grow – and growing faster than your friends means that they, well, stick out a bit.

I hope you can understand that big boobs or not, your heart, mind, and soul make you an amazing gift to the world. You should be able to walk through life head held high, knowing that you are a good person, regardless of physical appearance. That being said, loving the body you have is part of the confidence that will allow you to do and be whoever you want to be, and that will always include wearing the right size bra. The numbers and letters don’t really matter – the important part is that a poorly fitting one will not help you stand tall and say, “This is me, and I love every bit of myself.”  Support your breasts now and forever, and to heck with everyone else – your opinion of your body is only one that really matters.

Start the best trend ever – love yourself, take care of yourself, and spread the word to someone else who needs to hear that. Always remember that you’re worth the extra confidence that standing tall projects to the world; do not be ashamed or afraid of what you’ve got (this goes for your brain too – that’s the real asset).

Best wishes as you navigate the tricky path to adulthood – and know that if you ever need a friend to take you for a fitting, I’d be honored to do so.

Yours truly,
Your Fairy Bra Mother