Blogging is so much fun, and it’s a lot easier than starting a business, so if you notice that my posts are becoming a little sporadic, it’s because I’m tearing myself away from Hourglassy to pay more attention to my more demanding other child, Campbell & Kate.  Today I’m running to my pattern maker’s to figure out why the latest counter sample (from the sewing contractor) came out TWO INCHES wider in the waist than the pattern and sample that we sent them.  It’s details like these that make me admire any clothing manufacturer who can bring a great product to market.

One clothing manufacturer that I admire is Biu Biu.  Have you taken a look at them since I first mentioned my discovery in May, 2010?  Back then I said that I hoped she would soon make it easier for Americans to purchase her clothing, and she has.  Brittany wrote a pioneering product review from an American customer’s perspective here on Thin & Curvy last January, but it’s taken me till this week to finally purchase because (a) Brittany is a lot smaller than I am, and I couldn’t be bothered to work out my measurements in centimeters to see if they made my size; and (b) she ordered all knits, and I’m partial to the crisp look of wovens.

Then KookyKatKreations posted a photo of herself in the gorgeous red Town dress, and I had to buy one for myself.  I studied the size chart and ordered it in 44BB.

Of course I couldn’t stop at one–I had to make the shipping worthwhile–so I also ordered the Madison in plum.  Can you believe she offers such amazing colors? I’m so tired of the LBD.

And the Ponti looked amazing, so I had to buy it in green.

I’m even more excited about the Ponti after KookyKatKreations posted new pics yesterday showing herself wearing it in navy.

Can you believe that the one thing I didn’t buy was Biu Biu’s classic white shirt?  It has princess seams, and I can see something of my pet peeve, the Apex Issue (where the apex of the princess seam doesn’t coincide precisely with the apex of the bust), in KookyKatKreation’s photo of the white shirt.  But the black shirt that she posted yesterday looks amazing.  I’m now kicking myself for not purchasing the white shirt just to see what the fabric quality is like because in case you haven’t already worked out the exchange rate, 99 PLN is US$29.77!  That’s incredible.  Perhaps I should look into moving production to Poland!  (If you read the interview with Kinga that I linked to in May, 2010, you’ll see that she’s very particular about fabric quality.)

I received an email that the order that I placed on December 1 was “released” on December 5.  Assuming that “released” means shipped, the Biu Biu website told me to expect shipping to take 7-21 days.  When my order arrives, I will write more about how I found the actual ordering process in addition to posting photos of the dresses.

P.S. One idea to counter the Apex Issue is with Bring It Up breast lifts.  If you enter my Fairy Bra Mother competition, you’ll be able to try one for free!