I’ve been reading the holiday wish lists of other lingerie bloggers lately, and I think it’s time I throw my hat into the ring. So here are the bras I want. And, lucky me, I actually need to replace some worn-out bras anyways!

1. Most of all, I want more bras from By Caprice. I first tried this brand when I found an adorable cherry-print bra from them on really cheap clearance. It turned out to be one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever purchased! I recently tried anotherthe Ava, a lacey molded push-upand much to my delight discovered that its “push” came from a sideways-teardrop-shaped piece of padding in the base of the cup instead of the usual all-over cup thickness. This is my favorite type of padding! It gives you a lighter boost without going too crazy. I’m dying for their Glitter Padded Brasparkly!and the dainty, floral Rosie Padded Bra. The fit is a little off, as the smallest band is a 30; and I find that the 30F is just a little small in the cup. But I love the fit of the cups so much that I still buy them. Plus they run less than $40!

The Glitter Padded Bra from By Caprice:

And the Rosie Padded Bra from By Caprice:

2. The Freya Lacey. I first saw this darling little number reviewed on Invest In Your Chest and I instantly fell in love. The sweet pinkish-mocha color, the opaque fabric, the attention to detail (buttons, lace, the tiny bow on the strap)never mind the fact that Freya is one of the best fitting brands for my body. I mustmustbuy this bra as soon as Figleaves.com has another sale.

3. Freya Deco in colors! I love my Decos (though I have to be honest and admit that I don’t love that the inner edge of the cups is visible under clingy fabrics). They give oomph and cleavage like no other. I adore the charcoal gray, and the bright red is so festive! But best of all definitely has to be the striped version (named, confusingly, the “Taylor,” not the “Deco”). Reminds me of a sexy secretary.

4. Curvy Kate Tempt Me in black & coral. This is actually next season’s colorway, but I prefer it to the current Champagne and black combination. This is one seriously sexy bra. And as the photo demonstrates, it gives major cleavage. Wearing something like this makes me feel like a secret sexpot under my usual tee shirt and jeans. Too bad I’ll have to wait until spring to order it!

What’s on your wish list?