So far three readers have sent me letters to their imaginary D+ goddaughters, and they’re so good that I’d be happy to end the contest right now, but I’m keeping to my word and giving you until midnight PST on December 16 to send yours in.  Need an incentive?  Every entrant will receive a little something from Soak and have the chance to try Bring It Up breast lifts–the only wardrobe helper that I know of that is specifically sized for D cups and higher.  I’ll keep you posted on the prizes for the top 3 letters soon.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite excerpts from the current top 3 letters:


Think about the other big chested women you’ve seen: from porn stars, to librarians hiding underneath thick sweaters, to Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps an older woman who hasn’t heard that a good bra can bring her boobs from her stomach to above her waist. Go ahead, laugh. You know it’s true.

The only difference between those women (besides age, race, childhoods etc. but you get the picture) is how they approach their breasts.


And what do you know, that 34 D she thought she was turned into a 30 E with plenty of perfectly fitting bras to chose from. Suddenly this mildly depressed teenager who had virtually no self esteem and hated her body and never considered herself attractive was confident, cheerful and obviously proud of her stunning body. She will happily wear bikinis and v-necked tops; she’s even stopped complaining about her ass which hasn’t altered at all.


That being said, loving the body you have is part of the confidence that will allow you to do and be whoever you want to be, and that will always include wearing the right size bra. The numbers and letters don’t really matter – the important part is that a poorly fitting one will not help you stand tall and say “this is me, and I love every bit of myself”.