I have tons to share with you from my visits to CurveNY these past two days, and I’ll have even more after my final visit today, but here is one of my most exciting discoveries so far:  Aerin Rose has changed its cup sizing system.

I don’t remember exactly what it used to be. I only remember not finding anything for me after reading excellent reviews by Tammy of her bikini and Marketa of her tankini last August.  Now, however, Aerin Rose has something for me–it’s their first year to offer an F/G cup*, and many of the swimsuits in these sizes are still available online (and on sale!).

Unfortunately, they don’t have any F/G one-pieces, but those are coming–and here’s the best news yet:  the one-pieces are coming in dress size/cup size combinations from 8-24 and D/DD-F/G.  Now I can look forward to wearing a 14F/G next summer (or smaller if I get back to the gym.  However, I just realized that this leaves out those of you who are dress sizes 0-6.  I’m sorry.).

Until this point, I’ve always found shopping for bra-sized one-pieces frustrating because of the assumption that a specific bra size corresponds to only one size in the rest of the body.  Yes, this can be addressed with tankinis, but frankly, I dislike the support from tankinis.  One-pieces hold everything in place much better.

However, Aerin Rose is also coming up with an amazing swim dress that I would consider, and I really like the bottoms to some of their bikinis/tankinis, so I might have to reconsider . . . . Take a look below at what you can look forward to next year (they’ll actually be in stores beginning in November, but most of us won’t be thinking about them until 2012).

Here’s Aerin Rose’s amazing new swim dress offering.  In the left photo, you can see how the bottom is attached to the rest of the suit (hmmm . . . does this mean support that’s similar to that of a one-piece?).  The advantages of a swim dress: kicky style, more coverage, and you can go from beach to bar without having to find your cover-up.
I included this photo because I am ecstatic about a bandeau that offers full coverage of the breasts without any boob bifurcation.  The photo on the right shows how much room there is for larger breasts.  This model wears a 32C bra but is wearing a 34C tankini top.
I love these shirred bottoms.


Here is a one-piece style that they offer every season.

*I misspoke. Evidently Aerin Rose has always offered a G cup, but this is their first time to offer it in a one-piece.