Here’s a quick tour of why you haven’t heard from me in almost a week.

This is my best friend Amy before the Under Construction event in Indianapolis last Wednesday.  Only a best friend would drive 3 hours to pick me up at the airport, drive me everywhere, and listen to me practice my speech.  She wouldn’t take me back to the airport for my 6:30 a.m.flight on Thursday, but I never would have made that flight if she hadn’t helped me throw everything into my suitcases.  In this photo, Amy notices that the dress form does not fit a 32D bra.

I work a little breast augmentation magic.
Barbara Gilbert and her amazing right hand woman, Mary.  From talking to Barbara and her fitters that night, I realized that Barbara’s New Beginnings is not only “one of the good ones“–it’s one of the best.  Wacoal calls her store one of the top 25 in the country (they were in the running for top 5, but I haven’t heard the results yet).  I learned too much to share right now, but look for more later.
Next stop: my trunk show in Milwaukee at the fabulous Miss Groove on Brady Street.
Miss Groove is definitely One of the Good Ones, and I’ll report more soon, but here’s the biggest proof:  my sister-in-law bought a bra from her without any arm-twisting from me. In this picture, my sister-in-law (the hand on the right) is paying Pam (the owner) for her gorgeous new Fantasie bra.  I didn’t write about my sister-in-law’s bra-fitting experience here in NYC last June because I wasn’t satisfied with it.  Pam gave my sister-in-law the support and lift that I knew was possible.  Finally my sister-in-law understands.
On Friday, I took a field trip to Minoan Intimate Apparel, another One of the Good Ones where I met guest poster Karen for the first time.  Here the owner Mesi is demonstrating the wrong way to hang a bra to dry because of the water that collects at the bottom and stretches it out.  I never knew.  Mesi put Karen into some gorgeous Lejaby bras before Karen decided on the Chantelle C Chic with racer back option.  More later!
I was able to take a small breather on the Ekornes Stressless chairs in the center of the Cincinatti airport on Saturday afternoon.  Actually, I fell sound asleep.  And do you know one reason that I could?  There was absolutely no danger of my Campbell & Kate shirt flashing the other passengers as they walked to their gates.  I took this photo for proof.    

And now it’s CurveNY! I spent yesterday afternoon talking to reps from Conturelle, Corin, Clo and other fascinating manufacturers. I’m headed back there today and tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions you want me to ask of anyone. I’m already bubbling over with more stories for you!