Here’s a review from my fit model, friend and fabulous bag designer, Marketa. The picture after the jump is NOT Marketa, however–Marketa has a much nicer figure. Once again, our late-in-the-season swimsuit reviews are just in time for summer sales. You can find this suit for 25% off at the Aerin Rose website.

Shopping for a new swimsuit is the one thing I dread the most. Over the years I must have wasted hours, if not days, in department stores, searching for something that fit, looked somewhat nice and perhaps offered some support. Occasionally, I would buy a suit that at least held me in and looked presentable. Mostly, I’d leave practically in tears and head over to the shoe department instead.

My latest purchase proved to be a different story. When I came across the Aerin Rose swim collection, I rejoiced at their wide range of designs and sizes for those of us that are bigger on top. I decided that the shirred over shoulder tankini top just may be the one for me.

I rarely order clothing over the internet without trying it on first, so this was an experiment. The return policy reassured me, so I went for it. I ordered the tankini in 34 E/F, and the simple bikini bottoms. Unfortunately my color preference, black, was sold out, so I went with the violet. The suit arrived the next day. Hello!!!

I was super excited and immediately tried it on. I was not crazy about the color, a little too purple for me. [Editor’s note: Marketa’s actual words to me were, “It made me look like a bruise.”] The cups were perfect, but the body of the tankini was bit too loose, and the band was a little too big. But there was hope.

I went back to the site and found the same style in 32 D/DD and in black, YES, but the E/FF was sold out. I decided to try this one.

Again, the suit arrived super fast, and this time it was even on sale. The 32 fit me so much better. The D/DD cups are a little tight, so the larger size would be better. Still WAY better fit than any suit I’ve had in the past, mind you.

The tankini is really nicely made. Bonus point go for USA manufacturing. The color and quality of the material are perfect. It’s not flimsy and has a nice sheen and the right amount of give. The straps adjust easily, and don’t dig into your neck the way halter top style suits do. My favorite part is the back. It’s very functional and very feminine. I really find the cut out sexy.

Over all the suit is very flattering, offers very good support and looks great wet or dry. You can hardly tell the difference when it’s wet. I’ve worn it almost every weekend on the beach, and right now it’s packed to go and dive with me into great swimming holes in Vermont.

Just a side note, the return of the violet suit was super easy, and the company issued a refund. No hassles there. And did I mention that I receive compliments from my husband every time I wear the suit?