My friend Ellen, who thinks she is a 36A, is staying with me this week.  We had time for a bra fitting on Monday, so I took her to one of the stores and fitters that I always recommend.  Never again.

I’m sure the fitter was spot on.  She said that Ellen is a 32C.  But she left us for long stretches in the dressing room by ourselves without telling us she would be back.  She only adjusted the straps and explained to Ellen how to position herself in a bra after we said that it didn’t seem to fit. 

Each time the fitter stepped away, Ellen brought up a really good question about the fit, and each time the fitter returned, I would ask the question.  It took a lot of courage to ask those questions because the fitter acted like we were wasting her time and insulting her experience, but I’ve reached the point where I want answers from a fitter more than I want to please her.  So I learned something in spite of the fitter’s best efforts–many C cup women think they are an A cup because they are flatter on top and fuller on the bottom.  Ellen needs a C cup that is cut small. 

Of course Ellen didn’t really believe the fitter because she didn’t trust her.  Ellen needed a fitter who would respect her intelligence and address her doubts with proof, even if it meant taking more time to put her in a 36A to show her the difference.

Once again, I’m thankful that I live in a big city with many bra fitting options.  Just Monday night, my image consultant instructor gave me the name of her favorite fitter.  In Orlando, Florida, however, I found NO lingerie boutiques where I could take my mother and niece for a fitting last week, so we took a two hour drive to Unique Lingerie in Ocala.  Thank goodness our only choice was a good choice.  I’ll write about the differences from Ellen’s experience in my next post.