Actually, there are two and a half fittings involved here because the day before we drove to Unique Lingerie, we stopped at the Dillard’s in our local mall.  If Dillard’s offered a full range of band and cup sizes, I would feel comfortable recommending Lydia, our fitter there.  Without trying any bras on, Lydia predicted that my niece would be a 32D and my mom a 36D.

The next day, Edna, the owner of Unique Lingerie, fit my niece in a range of sizes, the most consistent being a 32E.  Although a 36D fit my mom, Edna recommended a 38D because my mother gets heart palpitations when something is too tight. 

The difference between their experience in Ocala, Florida, and my friend Ellen’s experience here in New York City, was night and day:

1.  Edna spent nearly three hours with us.  Even I was tired of bra shopping by the time we’d finished.  But Edna was willing to keep going as long as we were

2.  When Edna left the dressing room, she told us she’d be right back.  If it took longer than expected, she apologized upon her return. 

3.  We waited in a well-lit, roomy dressing room/office with three comfortable  arm chairs and a robe for the customer.  There were peppermints for us on her desk.

4.  Edna answered our questions graciously.  My first question:  Since my niece’s rib question measured 28″, why wouldn’t she wear a 28 band?  Edna didn’t just tell me they’d be too tight.  She brought out bras in a 28 and 30 band that wouldn’t fasten or pinched my niece’s back if they did.  However, we did find that my niece fit one Panache bra in a 30G.

5.  Edna had the typical bias toward seamed bras, but she accepted my niece’s preference for seamless; and although she encouraged my niece to get a sports bra, she didn’t push it when my niece said that she never exercises.

Before beginning this blog, I didn’t know what to look for in bra fitters.  My experiences in the past two weeks have highlighted three of the most important criteria to me:  (1) people skills; (2) knowledge & experience; and (3) a wide selection of sizes.

What criteria are important to you before you’ll recommend a fitter to someone?