Today is our last glimpse inside Grace’s closet.  During the Janie Bryant series, Grace made the comment that “To me, clothes are always a costume and every day I’m choosing how I feel and how I want to feel and how I want the world to see me.”

She has five basic characters in her closet, each with several outfits.  Below is just a sample.

1.  Cosmo Girl:  “Jeans with a top that I knit.  It has a racer back, and it pools over the bust in a really sensual way.”

2.  Nautical:  “I am a big fan of classic American style, and nautical stripe shirts are a weakness. Even though they say that horizontal stripes don’t look good with a huge bust, I don’t believe it. (Neither do I, Grace!)

3.  Emma Pillsbury.

I am so inspired by Glee.  I adore the soft, feminine outfits that Emma Pillsbury wears.   This is a lace ruffle pencil skirt with a button down shirt that has pearl buttons.  I also wear a lot of cardigans like she does, and I have a sweater clip that I got from Etsy.  Pencil skirts are a go-to work look for me.  Sometimes I do the look sweet like this, and sometimes I use pencil skirts to do a bombshell look.

P.S. Emma Pillsbury style fans, check out this blog, WWEPW.

P.P.S. And yes, Grace uses a safety pin with this shirt.

4. School Girl.

5.  Bohemian.

I have a lot of hippie Indian-style shirts.  Sometimes I want to wear all loose, flowing clothes.  These pants are one of my favorites.  I got them in an outlet shop in Arkansas.  They are slight bell bottoms with flowers embroidered all around the top.

I hope you’ve been as inspired as I have by the range of outfits in Grace’s closet. I love that she can go from sheath dresses to flowing Bohemian; from sexy knit to preppy sweet. Her closet has reminded me of how much fun getting dressed can be.