Grace (a.k.a. Carolyn on her knitting blog, a.k.a. Aamba in the comments) has highlighted a few favorites from her closet. Here’s what she has to say about her beloved sheath dresses:  “This is my favorite style.  It looks really great with an hourglass shape and it’s classy–no fear of too much cleavage.  Most of mine are from Ann Taylor Loft, but two of these are from Goodwill!”

Next, her favorite salwar kameez.  I. Am. So. Jealous.  We passed through India on our way  to the States when I was eleven, and I fell in love with these beautiful tunics with their coordinated leggings and shawls.  Mom and Dad took me to a tailor to have one made, but it was a disaster.  Maybe it was because we didn’t know the proper term.  The tailor asked us if we wanted pajamas, and we said yes.

Grace thinks these are fantastic when she doesn’t know what she wants to wear.  If I had these in my closet, they’re all I would want to wear!   I do have a question for Grace about fit in the comments.

By the way, if you looked Grace up on her knitting blog, are you wondering why she has so many saris and salwar kameez?  She doesn’t look Indian.  And she isn’t.  But she’s a convert to Hinduism and spends a lot of time in Indian communities.  You can read more on her other blog here.

Finally, Grace loves this blouse.  It has a little bit of gap, but she wears it anyway.

Tomorrow, look for the themed outfits that Grace began putting together and cataloging before any of us had ever heard of Janie Bryant.