1.  Through December 29, you can save 50% off Dirty Dolls shapewear, and I’m seriously considering taking advantage of this.  While dressing for the Brazen Lingerie holiday party last night, I discovered that my Spanx shaper began to roll an inch below my bra line and I’ve lost the straps to keep it up.  So, being the scrambler that I am, I changed my entire outfit.  Here’s what Janie Bryant has to say about shapewear:

How do you think Joan Holloway achieves that seamless hourglass silhouette with nary a visual hiccup to her sensuous curves?  She wears a long-line bra that comes down to her waist and a closed-bottom girdle, which resembles a pair of modern-day bicycle shorts, with boning and garters.  Yes, they can be a tad uncomfortable.  [Me:  Just a tad???]  In fact, all of the leading ladies of Mad Men had some issues with their restrictive lingerie at first.  But as seasons passed, they fell in love with their undergarments because they helped them to inhabit their characters.  “I love my bra.  I love my girdle,” Christina Hendricks now announces when she comes into my fitting room.

Like I’ve said before, Christina Hendricks isn’t wearing those undergarments off the set, so I question how much she really loves her bra and girdle. But I realized after last night’s rolling incident that it’s time to research some shapewear solutions again, and the Dirty Dolls sale is giving me extra incentive.

2.  This next deal involves shipping from Australia, but you can save 80% off the Cast shirts I’ve been wanting to try for forever!!! 300 Australian dollars – (80% X 300) = AU$60  + AU$25.65 for shipping = AU$85.65 for a Sea Island cotton shirt!!!!  I haven’t even ordered one yet, so I hope that telling you about this deal (thanks to reader MJ, by the way) doesn’t mean there’s nothing left in my size by the time I can take my measurements in centimeters to find out my size on this chart.  But I’m sad that Sablier is closing down its online operations.  A short-term gain for us, but a long-term loss for the “curvaceous connoisseur”.

Look for a report on my fun night at Brazen Lingerie later today or this weekend!